The Labour Leadership race and other gubbins

Andy Burnham speaking at the Co-Op hustings.

Well, last week I attended the Manchester Co-Op leadership hustings. I have to say, I enjoyed it loads but it confuddled me even more than I already was.

My 1st preference is sorted and I wasn’t disappointed in Andy’s performance. In short he pissed it, and in my view by a long way. He was assured, passionate, funny and most importantly he answered all questions directly and with humility. Now my 2nd and 3rd votes were up for grabs. I had wavered from D Milli to Ed Milli and ruled out Balls and Abbot. Abbot still is ruled out. David spoke well I thought, and I have now got over his air of thinking he had it in the bag already and one of those votes will be his. Ed Balls when I have seen him on the box came across as quite frankly piss poor. But last Sat he spoke with assurance and calmness and he may well have moved into my top 3. Moving out Ed Milli, who in my view was pretty hapless.

I ended up sat next to everyone’s fave MP, Hazel Blears and to be fair, she wasn’t the hapless goon she appears to be on the tele.

What else had been happening. The umpiring has been slow. Only got 2 games in for some reason, not sure why, but maybe a change in league next year may bring a change in fortune.

The radio show is going well. The whole FCUM Radio is being revamped and relaunched on 16th Aug, with eyes on being a fully fledged community station. The site is, please have a butchers and maybe a listen to my show, or indeed any of them. They are good and loads of hard work goes into them.

Oh, how could I forget? A couple of weeks ago, I filmed an episode of Eggheads for BBC2. It was an FC team and it was a cracking day. I can’t say how we did sadly, you will have to wait till May 2011 (ish) as that is when I think it will be shown.


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