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Making friends wherever we go…

FC players going to the fans post game at Brighton just as someone waves a scarf in front of my camera

It has been another good week to be a FC’er. On Thursday we received the news we had been waiting for. Manchester City Council approved our application to build Ten Acres Lane. The light that has been hovering at  the end of the tunnel has hit us all. The ground is now a reality. We await news of how the community shares have gone, as the deadline is on 30th Nov, but with luck, that has done well, the DF ticks over well (but still needs that important push to get to £500K) and we could well start the build next year with a view to kicking off the 2012-13 season in TAL. It is what loads of people at FC have been working towards, none more so that Andy Walsh and Adam Brown and our utmost respect must go with them. But there have been loads of people pulling out their tripe for the DF raising funds, and none of those should be forgotten. Loads have got us near to our destiny, as I believe that is what it is, and hats must be tipped to those people. And to the people of Newton Heath a big thank you. A thank you for having the foresight and vision to see the benefits of this ground to them. They will have a superb sports and social facility at their disposal in the next couple of years.  I hope they use it fully, I am sure they will.

And then onto Saturday. Brighton away in the FA Cup. It was a cracking day out. It started badly with the coaches turning up nearly an hour late, but once we were on our way all was well and we were there in time for a pint in the pub at the ground.

There had been much made during the week or so beforehand as we had only 850ish tickets for the game. This was because we were handed a “Cat C” status, which means the highest possible chance of trouble. This of course was ludicrous and happily was proven to be total and utter shit. Everyone had a top day, the team did their bit and gained a replay at Gigg and on leaving the stewards and police were wishing us well, a safe journey home and even waving us off. Talk about a total change in attitude. Even the Brighton fans who were hostile to us, seemed to totally change their tune and were impressed by our non stop singing, bouncing and attitude.

Making friends not millionaires you see.

This week, FC Leigh supporters branch have a meeting with a specially invited guest in the form of Andy Burnham MP. Andy was of course a previous chair of Supporters Direct as well as a large backer of fan owned clubs. We will be chatting to him about this as well as the plans for TAL. I know from speaking to him, he is very interested in FC United and our future plans, it will be good to show him what we plan to do in the next couple of years.


Full steam ahead…..erm…..Brighton….

I am still not sure what to say. Nearly 48 hrs after the events of Spotland, it’s still sinking in. Yes, shocks and upsets happen every year, but not to me they don’t. I have been used, in the past, to going to games hoping that I wouldn’t be on the end of the upset, but on Friday that was different.

It was built up to be our biggest game and of course it was, but I was giddy and worried in equal measures before the game. Of course giddy, I couldn’t wait to get there. A night game in a decent ground, a sold out away end and an atmosphere expected to blow the roof off. I wasn’t disappointed in any of those, in fact it all surpassed my expectations. But there was worry as I say. We don’t get 3,000 at the games, so who had bought our tickets? Would the local idiots turn out? Would the rumours of City, Bury,Utd and even Bolton hoolies turning up come true? Well on the whole, it all went well. There were a couple of minors incidents and rumours of stuff that I am not sure of the facts, but suppose that was to be expected. But, yes all went to plan. The game was great, FC matched ‘Dale for most of the game, won it in the 94th minute with controversy, there was an unnecessary if totally understood pitch invasion after the 1st goal and of course on the final whistle the kind of pitch invasion that gets shown on Match of the Day for 30 years.

At the end of the game, whilst everyone was going mad, I have to admit I struggled to get my head round it. Was it real? Did it really happen? Well yes it did and we were in the hat (I do wish they would use a hat) for round 2.

And that had brought us Brighton or Woking. At the risk of sounding disrespectful not the best draw. It will be a good trip out and that is good, but there has already been thoughts of issues on tickets already and we don’t even know who we are playing yet. And of course, BHA are currently playing at the Withdean Stadium, which isn’t a place that I have to admit, I am in no rush to get to. But then it’s their ground and fair enough, at least they have one. Shame Falmer won’t be finished till next season.

Anyway, that is 3 weeks away. We have a couple of vital league games in between at Northwich and Colwyn Bay as well as a trophy game at home to Hinkley. It’s a busy time and I hope that we can keep some of the irregulars who were in attendance on Friday.


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