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Ok, Ok

Roca chasing down a BPA defender.

Roca chasing down a BPA defender.

I didn’t update for most of August and indeed September. Well I will do from now on…..promise.

Anyway, in my last post I said that FC have probably the strongest squad they have ever had…I said that but at last weeks game, we didn’t even have more than 2 fit subs out of 4. It’s weird. The season so far is a copy of last year, a good start followed by a bad spell. I look forward to the glorious run in the New Year and a play-off finish.

Next week I am representing my CLP at the Labour party conference in Liverpool. Got to say I am looking forward to it, but I think I need to clone myself. The amount of debates, events, speeches and fringe events I want to attend is basically stupid, there just isn’t enough hours in the week, I intend to have a good sit down this week and nail where I will be going….as well as covering any CLP issues of course. It’s not just a jolly up you know.

Anyway, I will report back after conference (bet you can’t wait)